Maintenance Services


Your equipment works hard

Your equipment probably works harder than you do. There are a lot of moving parts in there, and it is essential to make sure they are all in proper working order.

For example, a treadmill will accumulate dirt over time, sweat and anything else your clients track in on their shoes. This debris can cause your treadmill to work harder, reducing its lifespan.


We’ll service it for you

Your fitness equipment is probably your biggest capital asset, and they are also the reason people come to your gym. Having a popular piece of equipment out of order is like just dropping a useless hunk of metal in the middle of your gym, it doesn’t make you any money and is an eyesore. Sometimes, having a piece of equipment out of order is inevitable, but preventing that downtime is essential.

gym maintenance screw driver on desk

A little prevention goes a long way.

Preventive maintenance of your equipment will save you money in the short and long term. It can increase the lifetime of your equipment and prevent downtime.


Benefits of preventive maintenance

  1.  Cost Savings – Maintaining your equipment will create less downtime, which increases revenue.
  2. Longevity – Keeping your equipment maintained will increase the lifespan of the machine.
  3. Keep your customers happy – No one likes to see their favourite machine out for the count.

Keeping your gym happy and healthy shows to your clients that you care about your facility and you care about their patronage.


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